Manage Security and Access Across Global Deployments

Loftware Spectrum brings maximum security and control to all your labeling activities. With Spectrum you can provide simple and immediate browser-based access to users while maintaining complete control over their access to capabilities and data. Spectrum’s role-based access control ensures administrators can easily manage users and groups as business conditions demand. This also enables seamless collaboration for extending labeling activities to suppliers, partners, vendors, and other 3rd parties involved in the labeling processes.

Spectrum gives you the control to manage users access, so you can determine who can have access to system capabilities such as design, printing, business intelligence and security. At the same time, you can optimize the user experience by configuring who can view/access/edit objects including labels, printers and applications. Additionally, Spectrum provides global oversight, enabling centralized control and oversight while allowing local administration of users, printers and labels to offer you the best of both worlds.

With Spectrum you don’t have to worry about yet another username/password to be managed by users or other groups such as security or IT. Spectrum supports single sign-on (SSO), streamlining access to Spectrum via standard, third-party authentication. In addition, Spectrum’s session management capability adds the ability to view and control user sessions for ad hoc or planned system maintenance. This allows you to broadcast important system notices or planned downtime to inform users, so they may plan accordingly.

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Spectrum Webinar

When it comes to Enterprise Labeling, leading organizations are turning to Loftware Spectrum to meet the complex demands of their global supply chain. A powerful, scalable 100% browser-based platform, Spectrum offers revolutionary capabilities to meet the needs of all stakeholders in the labeling process.

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