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The Industry’s Most Powerful Enterprise Labeling Solution

The only all-in-one labeling solution to be delivered completely via browser-based interface and in the cloud, Loftware Spectrum® redefines how enterprises create, manage and print labels, enabling large organizations to seamlessly implement, deploy, maintain and scale their labeling operations across their entire global network. Configured for your specific needs, our comprehensive digital platform offers unmatched performance that ensures accuracy and consistency, while maximizing flexibility and offers unmatched expertise, service and support.

Fast and Efficient Label Design

Spectrum offers new levels of collaboration and unprecedented control and consistency over label design. You can empower business users with the flexibility to easily create and update labels with easy to use, browser-based WYSIWYG design capabilities. This allows you to free up scarce and costly IT resources.


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Advanced Workflow to Streamline Review and Approval

Automate and streamline processes throughout your organization, enabling stakeholders to gain access and manage labeling smarter, faster and more efficiently. Spectrum’s configurable workflow framework and eSignature capabilities offers new levels of visibility and control for managing labels  so you can define and manage approvals and workflow processes to eliminate bottlenecks, improve time to market and ensure compliance.


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Certified Integration to Leading Enterprise Applications

Leverage existing business processes and vital data sources to drive labeling using Spectrum’s powerful integration capabilities. You can connect with any of your existing business applications to automate and streamline labeling processes. This includes pre-built certified SAP and Oracle integrations, as well as flexible web services to communicate with any data source and/or application.


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Dynamic, Data Driven Labeling to Meet Evolving Demands

Streamline efforts to manage limitless label variations by dynamically changing labels based on what needs to be displayed so that you can meet evolving customer and regulatory requirements. Configurable business logic eliminates costs, associated with creating and updating label to deal with constant changes to label requirements.


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Streamlined Content Management for Improved Consistency

Spectrum simplifies the label design and approval processes by providing access to robust content and digital asset management functionality. Spectrum creates time and cost efficiencies while increasing label consistency by letting you build a library of pre-approved content available for use across a global enterprise.


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Empower Users to Create Custom Applications

Create browser-based applications within the Spectrum environment to manage both labeling and non-labeling related business processes. Rather than creating offline or custom applications, Spectrum enables you to design applications with drag and drop ease to make the development and maintenance of applications (often used for on demand printing) dramatically faster and easier. Applications can drive decisions based on input from users and provide a “wizard” to guide users down the appropriate path to remove any guesswork and reduce the occurrence of mislabeling.


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Printing with Unrivaled Performance

Print labels in high volumes quickly and efficiently, independent of printer make and model with Spectrum. Spectrum includes native drivers which enable you to print to vast amounts of labels faster than ever before. Print to all leading printer models while maximizing print speed, optimizing network traffic and leveraging built-in printer capabilities. With Spectrum, there is no need to install and manage countless Windows drivers across your printer landscape.


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Advanced Insight into Labeling Activities

Gain unparalleled insight with Spectrum’s Business Intelligence which offers immediate access to your data from your labeling processes and activities in a convenient, interactive and customizable format. Empower administrators with pre-defined reports presenting real time data on the status and health of labeling activities across your global enterprise.


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Manage Security and Access Across Global Deployments

Ensure you have control over who has the appropriate access including privileges to all partners, vendors and suppliers that are part of your labeling processes. Spectrum’s role based access capabilities ensure your administrators can easily manage user roles and access labeling capabilities and content. Also, audit and session management capabilities enable visibility to user access and system changes to facilitate compliance in validated environments.


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Enterprise-Class Architecture for Today’s Enterprise

With flexibility to deploy in the cloud or on premise, Spectrum can meet the needs of any organization and can easily scale as that organization grows. By centralizing control over global labeling, Spectrum empowers global locations, as well as external suppliers, vendors and partners to access and use standard and approved labels and data.


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Spectrum - A New Approach to Labeling

When it comes to Enterprise Labeling, leading organizations are turning to Loftware Spectrum to meet the complex demands of their global supply chain. A powerful, scalable 100% browser-based platform, Spectrum offers revolutionary capabilities to meet the needs of all stakeholders in the labeling process.


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