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Print with unrivaled performance

With Spectrum, you can optimize barcode label printing across your global network of printers and locations. Whether you’re operating in the cloud or on-premise, Spectrum is architected to print millions of labels a day across hundreds of global sites.


Powerful, fast and reliable label printing


Print to any device

Spectrum’s native drivers support thousands of printer makes and models across your diverse global printer landscape.


Improve printer performance

Minimize print streams and reduce network traffic to maximize print speeds


Save money by printing in full color

Eliminate the need to purchase and manage pre-printed stock. Print in color and get the same performance and quality as with thermal printing.


Print on the production line to coding and marking devices

Spectrum drivers offer support for a wide range of coding and marking devices from leading providers.


Reduce the strain on your IT department

Spectrum printer drivers don’t have to be installed or maintained.


Print PDFs and print to PDFs

Spectrum drivers offer native PDF printing support and the ability to print a PDF version of a label at the same time as a physical copy for audit purposes.

Get the best out of your label printer

We support the widest range of thermal printers, color printers and coding and marking devices on the market, enabling you to get the most out of your existing printing environment.

Get full control of your printing landscape

Spectrum features a browser-based dashboard that gives you a detailed status of all of your printers globally. You can manage printers at the global or local level. Use Print Queue Management to pause, restart, move and delete print jobs from a central location. The system supports full auditing of all print jobs and role-based security on devices.


Ensure consistent, accurate labeling from external suppliers

Spectrum’s remote printing capabilities mean you can print over the internet without relying on network connectivity to printers. This allows you to extend printing to remote sites and supply chain partners while maintaining the same level of performance and quality as when printing to networked devices.

Role-based Access Control (RBAC) lets you control the data and templates available to external partners, so you guarantee your information is secure. And the system captures all label printing activity, so you know which labels were printed, when they were printed and with what data.

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