The Only 100% Browser Based, All-in-One Enterprise Labeling Solution

Loftware Spectrum® is the first all-in-one solution designed to address the complex labeling requirements of large organizations via a completely browser-based interface. Building on Loftware's unmatched history of innovation, Spectrum is the most robust solution in the industry offering incomparable WYSIWYG label design, true enterprise integration, a powerful business rules engine, sophisticated device management, intelligent on-demand printing, and high performance native printing in a single software solution. Spectrum offers unlimited flexibility to standardize labeling across a global supply chain, empowering users with 100% browser-based access to unprecedented capabilities.

The Industry’s First Browser Based Label Designer

Spectrum offers new levels of collaboration and usability by enabling users to improve customer responsiveness with unlimited access to label design, workflow and version control capabilities. It offers unrivaled, browser based WYSIWYG design capabilities and groundbreaking Universal Templates that allow a single label design to be printed to any printer make or model.


Unrivaled Integration to Leading Enterprise Applications

Designed to meet the integration needs of all enterprises, Spectrum provides unsurpassed connectivity to any application or source data via web services, event based integration and certified pre-built integrations to Oracle® and SAP® Applications.

Limitless Flexibility of Business Rules

Companies can quickly adapt to evolving enterprise labeling requirements driven by regulations, customers, and geographies via Spectrum's unparalleled business rules engine that features an intuitive user interface, which empowers business users to create and manage labeling logic with easy drag and drop capabilities.

Unsurpassed Control and Visibility to Label Printing

Spectrum affords new levels of control for printing across dispersed and global printer networks. Sophisticated Print Queue Management capabilities allow print jobs to be queued and paused, canceled or even moved from one device to another. Visibility to both print and job status that can be tailored for users based on location or role. 

Added Intelligence to On-Demand Printing

Companies can significantly reduce manual effort and attain new levels of accuracy by using Spectrum's business rules and unrivaled on-demand print capabilities. Spectrum offers a powerful Application Architect which enables users to create applications within Spectrum that can be used to streamline labeling and labeling related processes. Applications can be simply configured and maintained with Spectrum enabling customers to remove the need to create and cost to maintain custom applications.


Print Without Boundaries

The power of native drivers enable Spectrum customers to print labels at the highest volumes to all leading printer models while maximizing print speed, optimizing network traffic and leveraging built-in printer capabilities. With Spectrum, there is no need to install and manage countless Windows drivers across your printer landscape.

Architected for Your Enterprise

From its 100% browser-based interface; support for on premise or cloud deployment; centralized management; full localization; support for both Windows and Linux operating systems; LDAP authentication; to disaster recovery and high availability, Spectrum delivers a world-class architecture designed for enterprise-class deployments. Advanced Multi-Site capabilities provide the ultimate flexibility of centralizing labeling for consistency and control while synchronizing with decentralized locations to ensure accuracy and continuous operations.