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Can Your Business Applications Handle Your Labeling Demands?

Companies implement enterprise applications such as ERP, WMS and/or SCM systems to run their global businesses and to optimize supply chain efficiency. However, most barcode labeling systems aren't flexible or efficient enough to manage global labeling requirements. Loftware offers Enterprise Labeling Solutions that seamlessly integrate with all of your business applications to offer an unprecedented level of flexibility and power to create, manage, and print mission-critical barcode labels across your supply chain.

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Draw Data From Sources of Truth

Leverage existing business processes and vital data sources to achieve label accuracy and consistency—while eliminating duplication of data, added costs and the need to retrain users.

Integrate with any Applications

Seamlessly integrate with your enterprise applications - SAP, Oracle, Infor, IBM Sterling and a complete suite of technologies that integrate with any custom-built application.

Control Process, Costs and Risk

Remove added costs and risks by migrating your existing ERP application(s) to the cloud to easily manage access, workflows, approvals and version control more efficiently.

Reduce Maintenance and Empower Users 

Configurable business logic allows business users to support labeling complexities by dynamically updating labels and significantly reducing label templates.

Significantly Improve Response Times

Integrating your labeling with business applications provides controlled access so select users—not just IT—can update the most complex labels in minutes instead of weeks or months.

Enable Streamlined Compliance

Quickly and efficiently pull data, symbologies, warnings, and more from master data sources to avoid fines and supply chain disruptions while entering new markets with ease.

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Loftware enabled us to scale our labeling while deploying our ERP system globally while also reducing infrastructure costs.

IT Project Manager, S&P 500 Industrial Manufacturing Company

Source: TechValidate. TVID: 775-FCE-834