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102 Advanced Label Design

Product code (SKU): TR-ILT-SP-102
Duration: 8 hours

Learn to design complex and reusable label templates with advanced label design features in Loftware Spectrum.

Label designers will learn the advanced design features of Spectrum that make it a powerful and flexible tool. This course is a continuation of Spectrum 101 Label Design Basics and will introduce designer features like Dynamic Text Formatting and Reusable Objects plus printing tools like Layouts and Label Specific Options.

You will be able to design more complex documents by using additional data sources and printing tools.

This session is recommended for anyone who designs label templates.


You’ll need:

  • Exercise workbooks – provided by your instructor

Before you begin:

Label Specifications

Labels follow a prescribed workbook provided by your instructor that will ensure the successful completion of label designs using most of the advanced features presented during the course.

Learning goals

You’ll learn:

  • How to configure and use external data sources
  • How to use images on label templates
  • How to configure reusable objects and layers
  • How to adjust label templates to specific printers with printer-specific label options
  • About controlling label templates with version control


  • Connecting to external data
    • Introduction to data services & database data sources
    • Configuring data services & database data sources
    • Using data sources on label templates
    • Using external data files and images
  • Advanced design tools
    • Configuring and using re-usable objects and layers
    • Using dynamic text formatting
    • Designing and displaying data views
  • Designing and using Layouts
  • Configuring Label-specific printer options (LSOs)
  • Using document version control
  • Importing and exporting label templates