Where does it hurt in your Med Device supply chain?

by Craig Hodgson, on March 27, 2017

Keeping up with US and international UDI regulations. Battling increased complexity and the rising costs that go with it. Dealing with the growing pains of expansion or M&A activity. If you’re a supply chain professional in the medical device industry, you have daily challenges and are always looking for ways to improve efficiency. Why not look at supply chain labeling software as a source of relief?

Innovations in enterprise barcode label software are helping medical device companies around the world succeed in a highly regulated, highly competitive global marketplace. How, you ask? We have the answers. We’re pleased to introduce a brand new Q&A report addressing the “6 Critical Questions (and Answers) on Medical Device Labeling,” featuring our industry specialist Laura Johnson.

Laura's new photo.jpgIn this insightful, easy-read document, Laura shares her expertise, drawing from more than twenty years working with leading medical device manufacturers. Learn how an integrated, centralized approach to labeling helps you sustain compliance with evolving regulations, like UDI barcodes, while reducing costs and improving your agility to meet changing customer demands. You’ll quickly see that labeling does matter—and can play a critical role in overcoming your operational challenges.

Got supply chain pain? Take a few minutes to read this Q&A—and call us in the morning.

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