[Video] How To Prepare For New Nutrition Facts Label

by Jessica Plourde Hutter, on December 7, 2016

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After the FDA released its final rules for updated Nutrition Facts labels in May 2016, most food and beverage producers were given until 2018 to comply.

There are several steps that producers have to take to prepare. First, they need to adjust their package and label sizes to compensate for the larger fonts that are being planned. Then, they need to start keeping records of newly mandated nutrients, such as added sugars, vitamin E and dietary fibers.

Finally, producers need to adjust to the FDA's mandate to remove all partially hydrogenated oils from food production. According to an article in Food Processing, trans fat counts will stay on labels to account for natural occurrences in dairy products.

New regulations are always a challenge, but an Enterprise Labeling Solution can help firms deal with complex labeling requirements with ease.

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