[Video] Don't Let Labels Interfere With Each Other

by Ken Allen, on August 31, 2016


When GHS was first developed, it was meant to replace the confusing web of chemical labeling regulations that were being enforced in the U.S. and around the world. But even now that the new protocols have gone into effect, firms still need to coordinate to meet specific agency requirements.

For instance, under OSHA rules most chemical product labels do not need to be affixed on outer packaging. They just need to be located somewhere on the containers themselves. However, some large chemical drums serve as both containers and packaging, and do need outer labels.

Problems can arise when firms try to comply with both OSHA and DOT rules. The DOT also requires labeling on outer packaging, and it is important to ensure that none of these labels interfere with one another. Manufacturers and distributors can use an Enterprise Labeling Solution to implement a flexible labeling strategy that can avoid potential regulatory pitfalls.

For more on how Enterprise Labeling can enable GHS compliance check out this on-demand webinar with Chandra Deeds Gioiello, MS, CIH, Industrial Health and Safety Consultants, Inc.

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