Trek - Keeping Pace with Customer Requirements While Saving Time and Money

by Maureen Perroni, on February 17, 2017

Find out how Trek, the world leader in the manufacturing and distribution of bicycles and cycling products, was able to integrate labeling throughout their environment to address customer requirements, streamline processes and maintain a focus on uptime and continuous operations - all while saving time and money!

With exports to over 90 different countries and bikes sold through more than 5,000 independent dealers internationally, Trek maintains several factory stores across the globe. Trek manages their vast business with the help of their JD Edwards (JDE) business system, which consists of numerous modules for functional areas such as pricing, inventory, and manufacturing. They also interface with at least ten other software solutions used throughout the Trek enterprise and has over 1,000 users in total, with about 500 concurrent users, typically, at any one time.

With the company's continued growth and international presence it has become progressively more important to rely on the Loftware labeling solution to manage increasing customer demands, manufacturing processes, warehousing and inventory control and retail challenges. Download our newest case study to find out how this Loftware customer was able to meet all of their challenges while also saving time and money. 

You'll learn how Trek was able to reduce their number of label templates from 500 to 1 and how they were able to print over 10M labels globally and produce custom labeled products ready for sale. You'll find out about Trek's successful Applied Pre-Priced Labeling (APPLE) program which enables their retailers to enhance operations and improve sales and customer experience. You'll also learn how Trek used Loftware to streamline warehouse management so that labels could be applied to bike boxes and used on site for shipping and receiving purposes.

Download the complete Trek case study today to find out more and see how Loftware can help you.

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