The Time to Modernize Your Artwork Management is Now

by Dalton Litzelman, on September 21, 2018

If you’re looking to get a better understanding of how automating your Artwork Management can assist you with packaging and labeling challenges, look no further!

Loftware recently published a report "From Chaos to Calm." This report was created for companies that are looking to streamline packaging design and workflow by bringing accountability and structure to the process. You can find out how when you implement a configurable, automated artwork solution to control complex packaging artwork throughout the product lifecycle you can enable real-time collaboration and optimize workflow processes. This type of centralized Artwork Management approach, allows you to maintain regulatory control, eliminate excessive artwork revisions, provide visibility on all levels and properly collaborate with partners, all while reducing time to market to gain a competitive edge.

Outlined in the report are the common problems associated with Artwork Management, along with the solutions to these issues. So, if you're having difficulty managing unstructured data and artwork versions or you're never sure who edited what last or which packaging artwork is the most current - then you'll want to take a read. Our new report offers a detailed description of how implementing a cloud-based system that can manage content from multiple sources, simplify global translation management and support proofing of high resolution artwork can optimize efficiencies, saving companies thousands, even millions of dollars.

Discover how to take your business “From Chaos to Calm” by using a comprehensive automated approach to Artwork Management which eliminates outdated and unreliable manual processes and spreadsheets. You can learn how to:

  • Digitally transform your Artwork Management process to reduce mistakes, bottlenecks, and areas that need extra resources for improved KPI’s
  • Implement a cloud-based solution to save time and money by eliminating the need to acquire, configure, upgrade, and maintain hardware and software
  • Eliminate manual artwork processes to stay organized with more consistent data, increased visibility, and improved communications
  • Optimize for success by allowing time and resources to be focused on your core business.

If you want to find out more about how to effectively and efficiently meet all of your Artwork Management challenges , then download the report today!

From Chaos to Calm

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