Thoughts from the Oracle Modern Supply Chain Experience

by Ken Allen, on February 8, 2016

I had the wonderful opportunity to be part of the Oracle Modern Supply Chain Experience last week, located in beautiful San Jose, California. Apart from escaping the brutal New England winter for a week, the event opened my eyes to the amount of energy and passion towards supply chain methodologies, technologies, and solutions.


All of the sessions were educational. Oracle started the conference with a comprehensive discussion of the impact of the new cloud solutions for order management, manufacturing, and supply chain planning. I learned how innovative supply chain capabilities, modern technology, cloud deployment, and supply chain expertise can enable a path to the cloud and deliver a compelling ROI.

Some of the keynotes were inspirational.  The International Medical Corps discussed the distinctly human element at the heart of the supply chain process, and gave an overview of how they provide lifesaving health care and emergency services directly following earthquakes, disease outbreaks, or other similar crises. They provided a unique perspective on the critical importance of an efficient, predictive, optimized supply chain as it relates to international humanitarian aid efforts.

The Founder and CEO of littleBits reminded me about the fun and creative joy of making, and gave me an overview of the current "maker movement", and how this wide-reaching and disruptive movement has changed the face and practice of product development and manufacturing forever. In case you haven't heard, the maker movement is the umbrella term for independent inventors, designers and tinkerers and because it turns people into makers instead of consumers, has the potential to change the world. And, as part of the exhibit floor, Oracle set up a “Maker Zone” dedicated to all things related to this movement and even had a couple of 3D printers creating various items, including letters, artwork, bicycle helmets, and even automobile parts.

I also spent time in the Loftware booth with the team, which provided excellent opportunities to meet with customers, new prospects, and other partners in the supply chain technology space. We had many conversations about Oracle labeling and best strategies on integrating enterprise labeling into an Oracle environment. Can’t wait until next year!

For more on Oracle labeling check out our webinar on Labeling Best Practices using Oracle WMS.

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