The Problem With Pre-Printed Label Stock

by Maureen Perroni, on October 17, 2016

Screen_Shot_2016-10-13_at_5.34.48_PM.pngPre-printed label stock is no longer the best solution for supply chin labeling.

At first glance, it may seem that using pre-printed stock is the most convenient way to label products. After all, if the labels are already printed and ready to go, it should be easy and cost-effective to manage inventory.

Indeed, there was a time when pre-printed labels were the standard in many industries. But this is less true today, thanks to shifting customer requirements and new government regulations that have boosted the demand for color labeling.

Color labels are being used on finished products to improve brand recognition. They also have applications throughout the supply chain, including traceability, safety notifications and regulatory requirements as well as expanding customer requirements.

"It no longer makes sense to keep large amounts of pre-printed label stock at the ready."

In an article for ECM Connection, Josh Roffman, vice president of product management at Loftware, explained that color labels are much more visible and harder to miss than lengthy collections of black-and-white safety symbols. For instance, it is much easier to indicate that a chemical is highly flammable with a bright red pictogram of flames than with a black-and-white label that contains the word "flammable" in small print.

Given that many customers are demanding new color labels - and that the rapidly shifting regulatory environment is leaving legacy label styles obsolete - it no longer makes sense to keep large amounts of pre-printed label stock at the ready, even in color. These labels require a lot of space to store, and may need to be completely replaced anyway, leading to unnecessary waste and production delays.

An Enterprise Labeling Solution that offers native print color capabilities can help companies solve this problem. Instead of pre-printing label stock beforehand, they can print color labels on-demand as needed, leading to a more responsive and cost-effective operation.

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