The Changing Landscape of Barcode Labeling, Part 15 [Video]

by Maureen Perroni, on July 6, 2017

Welcome back to Loftware's ongoing exploration of the barcode labeling environment today. While companies have extended their reach around the world, they have sought to keep their operations from splintering from one another. Barcode labeling must standardize to achieve this goal.

Solutions deployed on a cloud model don't just give a similar experience to different teams around the globe - they grant access to the very same system, which is a critical point. With geographically dispersed production facilities working from the same system, a global company can work seamlessly.

There is a difference between several factories working together and acting as joined parts of one organization. Barcode labeling systems can make all the difference.

Thanks for watching. We'll be back with more barcode labeling insights. For more on the importance of standardizing your barcode labeling to optimize your supply chain, check out our paper on "The Changing Landscape of Barcode Labeling."

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