Stay Current With Your Labeling Software

by Jim Scanio, on December 6, 2018

When an organization grows, they have many obstacles to overcome. They may have new facilities, new regions, new stakeholders, along with increasing customer and regulatory demands. Having technologies and software that can stay up-to-date with today’s expanding global economy is essential to business success. Labeling is no exception to this process and has become a critical factor in supply chain success.

Labels go far beyond a simple barcode as they need to effectively communicate product details, customer information, regulatory and safety information. Each company differs in the number and variance of their products and many companies have issues staying competitive while using homegrown labeling solutions. Having a comprehensive Enterprise Labeling approach allows companies to have flexibility to scale, adapt, and respond quickly to regulatory and customer demands. This approach offers an improvement in collaboration, automation, streamlined processes, enhanced integration, and optimization to increase supply chain efficiency.

Enterprise Labeling also helps companies maintain a healthy brand image while promoting consistency. Extending the barcode labeling process promotes collaboration among suppliers, manufacturers, and logistics providers, eliminating relabeling while improving accuracy and driving productivity.

Companies have turned towards Enterprise Labeling to:

  • Comply with evolving regulations
  • Manage complex customer requirements
  • Scale labeling to meet their business growth
  • Optimize the label and design approval process
  • Manage label content
  • Collaborate among multiple stakeholders
  • Extend their labeling across the supply chain

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