Optimize Your Global Supply Chain By Integrating Your Labeling With SAP®

by Maureen Perroni, on November 14, 2017

In the past decade business has seen a surge in globalization, new emerging markets and advancing technologies. This dramatic transformation, along with an increase in consumer and B2B customer expectations, has resulted in a highly competitive market. To meet rising demands, today’s supply chains must respond, not only to optimize and maximize efficiencies, but also to adapt and remain agile.

In order to manage these dynamics, and stay ahead of the competition, many leading companies have turned to SAP to support their supply chain strategies and ultimately achieve healthier top and bottom lines. Forward-thinking organizations are also recognizing that labeling plays a direct role in achieving these results. This is because it’s critical for enterprise companies to be able to keep moving goods to the right place, at the right time – with the right label.

No matter what SAP foundation or supply chain execution solution you may be leveraging to support your business - SAP ECC, SAP Business Suite on HANA, or if you have made the leap to S/4HANA, ME, MII or EWM, companies managing SAP barcode labeling on a global scale are recognizing the benefits of integrating their business applications with a certified, comprehensive Enterprise Labeling Solution. Manually printing labels may be required for specific reasons, however, integrated labeling allows companies to leverage existing business processes and vital data sources, while maximizing existing investments and eliminating the need to retrain users. Drawing data from sources of truth, whether manually triggered “on demand” or triggered directly from SAP, allows companies to respond quickly and efficiently to their customer and regulatory labeling requirements. All while dramatically cutting costs, simplifying maintenance and improving time to market.

To find out more download our new paper that takes a look at how Enterprise Labeling can seamlessly integrate with your SAP solution to bring your company’s barcode labeling to the next level and make a measurable difference for your business.

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