New Loftware Smartflow Releases Increase Control and Reduce Risk of Errors

by Diana Headrick, on October 6, 2020

Loftware, Inc., the global leader in Enterprise Labeling and Artwork Management Solutions, recently announced the availability of Loftware Smartflow 26.0. This latest release saves time and eliminates risk of error by enabling users to export workflow templates from a test or development environment and import to production environment without manually recreating the workflow. Smartflow v26.0 also offers added control with a new setting for hard approval of tasks, which ensures artwork cannot be approved if rejection decisions have been made by any preceding approvers.

“Smartflow’s new Export/Import feature replaces manual processes to prevent human error and improve accuracy and compliance,” stated Josh Roffman, Loftware VP Product Management. “Smartflow’s enhanced hard approval task also facilitates compliance by prohibiting approval of artwork and returning the project to the review cycle when any reviewers have rejected the artwork. This is especially important for customers in validated environments where it’s critical to meet regulatory requirements,” he added.

Additional enhancements in this release include an optional high availability configuration, which enables customers to gain enhanced availability, access and uptime. This new capability also adds load balancing, which can improve system performance during periods of high workload.

The Smartflow 26.0 release is one of several recent updates adding valuable new capabilities for Smartflow users. Smartflow 25.3, which was released last November, offers a new text compare module option that integrates text comparison capabilities with artwork management, dramatically reducing the time required to identify and approve changes to text used in packaging artwork.

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