Why Extend Chemical Labeling Outside Your Four Walls?

by Greg Wimble, on February 28, 2017

For years companies in the chemical industry have struggled with how they integrate partners like distributors and tollers into their processes. Today many companies use third parties as extensions of their own business. They can be used for many value-added services like direct shipment to customers. When it comes to chemical labeling, companies handle third parties in multiple ways—but it’s commonly a manual process with great difficulty. Many manufacturers still package and ship the chemical labels right to the partner or they pay to have the labels printed for the third party by an outside vendor. These options can be extremely costly and can cause significant delays and mistakes. The best way to handle this challenge is to integrate the third parties into the labeling systems.

Using either their own partner portal or a secure system from a company like Loftware, chemical companies can allow suppliers or tollers to access and print labels locally—even GHS chemical labeling—with the right information expected by the receiving company. Globally consistent labeling reduces the need to manually ship labels around the globe or have to relabel inbound shipments, saving time and money while reducing the likelihood of errors.

Leveraging the inherent innovations of enterprise labeling, companies can set up this solution in a secured environment so third parties only see information, labels, and printers they are supposed to see. Many of our customers take advantage of this ability to print their chemical hazard labels at the third party sites around the world and have improved their processes immensely while saving millions of dollars in relabeling and inventory reduction.

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