Loftware, Trébol and SATO Join Forces at Meat Attraction 2022 To Help Producers Comply With Food Labeling Regulations

by Mari Waldron, on February 28, 2022

We’re excited to team up with our partners Trébol and SATO at Meat Attraction 2022, which will take place in Madrid from 8th to 10th March, to make labeling meat products easy, whatever the size of your business.

Alongside two excellent companies, we will offer attendees the opportunity to learn more about our complete labeling solution, which includes professional software, printers, and labels, all backed up by 35 years of experience in serving food industry customers.

Operating in one of the more heavily regulated industries, food and beverage manufacturers - meat producers included - have a lot to consider when it comes to existing, new, and emerging regulatory requirements. With the cost of recalls and fines a burden on many organizations, minimizing the risk of labeling mistakes is critical.

At this year’s Meat Attraction event, we will be on hand to discuss how moving to a cloud-based labeling solution can simplify the route to labeling compliance for meat producers. Some benefits food and beverage manufacturers could see by adopting cloud-based labeling software include:

#1 Integration with sources of truth. Disparate data sources add complexity to labeling and ultimately open the door to labeling errors. A cloud-based solution enables dynamic and data -driven labeling that helps food and beverage companies react quickly to evolving regulatory requirements.

#2 Easy changes and approvals. Companies need to swiftly respond to constantly changing regulations. Whether adding simple verbiage to a label or adapting labels to ensure traceability, cloud solutions allow you to easily make changes and facilitate approvals regardless of where you are.

#3 Effectively manage recalls. If you need to recall a product, you must act fast. Cloud-based labeling and packaging processes support traceability and allow you to respond swiftly to identify associated product lines.

#4 Flexibility to scale. Many food and beverage companies distribute and sell products in other countries where allergen and other labeling requirements can vary. A cloud-based solution that allows you to extend compliant labeling to other sites and third parties will help to ensure the requirements are met as your business grows.

Visit our booth at Meat Attraction 2022

To learn more about the benefits on offer by switching to a cloud-based labeling solution, make sure to visit us in Hall 4 – Booth 4E11 to talk through your meat labeling challenges with one of our experts. We hope to see you there!

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