Live Webinar: How Lindt Delivers for Millions of Chocolate Lovers with Enterprise Labeling

by Craig Hodgson, on July 16, 2018

Creating a fast, efficient supply chain is essential to compete in today’s market. All facets must run at peak efficiency, including labeling. Any delays or disruptions due to mislabeling can slow time to market, hurt customer confidence and negatively impact your bottom line. Are you following best practices to optimize supply chain labeling?

Join us for this special webinar “How Lindt Delivers for Millions of Chocolate Lovers with Enterprise Labeling.”  Tune in to find out how Lindt supports the fast, accurate, high-volume output of 40M labels a year. Rick Taylor, ERP Systems Analyst with Lindt USA, will explain how this  manufacturing giant keeps pace in the highly competitive food & beverage industry by integrating Enterprise Labeling with JD Edwards. 

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Date: Thursday, July 26, 2018
Time: 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Learn how Lindt is able to:
  • Produce flawless, consistent case/pallet labels by integrating with JDE
  • Manage and print labels remotely with co-packers and other trade partners
  • Limit number of templates to a handful with innovative design features 
  • Respond faster to customer label requests to expedite delivery of product
  • Ensure high availability of labeling to sustain mission-critical operation 

Apply some of Lindt's experience's to your own supply chain. Mark your calendar and register today for what promises to be an informative, insightful webinar. See for yourself how incorporating Loftware's labeling solutions can take your supply chain to the next level!

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