Connecting Labeling Up and Down The Supply Chain

by Maureen Perroni, on January 31, 2017

dummies.pngEnterprise Labeling isn’t all about you. Yes, it’s a solution to your organization’s labeling challenges, but it likely entails connections up and down the supply chain. Your solution can add value not only for you but also for suppliers, contract manufacturers, third-party logistics providers, and others.

It also may mean extending labeling processes to those outside parties. An Enterprise Labeling solution can enable these business partners to print labels approved for their use, which can ensure consistency and eliminate the costly practice of relabeling goods upon receipt. In short, connecting business partners across the supply chain allows companies to meet new customer demands, grow into new markets and increase their competitive advantage.

With Enterprise Labeling, supply chain partners can leverage browser-based labeling capabilities to business partners throughout supply chain. This offers a quick and maintenance free approach to enable immediate access to partners and suppliers, while providing the opportunity to print the current and approved labels that meet customer’s unique requirements.

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