Manufacturing Labeling, SAP and Improved Efficiency at Modine

by Craig Hodgson, on February 3, 2017

Facing ongoing global competition and a fluctuating market, today’s manufacturers are always looking for ways to gain an operational edge. There’s constant pressure to ensure the rapid, seamless flow of goods across the extended supply chain while reducing costs wherever possible. Barcode labeling software plays an important, if sometimes overlooked role in this process.

For Modine—a leading maker of heat transfer products for a variety of applications—labeling became a source of newfound efficiency as they were confronted with increasing customer demands. Whether it’s incorporating logos and unique branding guidelines or simply adding special handling instructions, custom barcode labels in a high-volume production environment can quickly turn into a bottleneck without the right solution in place. Indeed, consequences can range from losing customers to a competitor, incurring fines for non-compliance, or experiencing returned shipments due to mislabeling.

That’s why you’ll want to tune into a special webinar featuring Eric Richmond, Modine’s Director of ERP Applications, who will share insight into how the company overcame manufacturing labeling complexity by integrating their labeling solution with their SAP business application. By leveraging this critical source of truth, Modine is able to keep up with rapid change while ensuring labeling accuracy and consistency. You’ll learn how Eric and his team are able to design and manage easy-to-use templates and empower business users to update labels as needed. As a result, Modine is better able to meet its time-to-market goals.

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Date: Wednesday, February 8, 2017
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In addition, you’ll discover how a standardized, centralized labeling solution integrated with  SAP can support evolving requirements in a fast-paced, demand-driven manufacturing operation, including expansion to new sites. Manufacturing labeling does make a difference, providing companies like Modine a distinct competitive advantage. See for yourself and register now!


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