Labeling in Oracle Cloud Must Go On

by Jessica Plourde Hutter, on April 15, 2020

Due to Covid-19, the Oracle MBX event (Oracle Modern Supply Chain Experience) was postponed until September. Usually this event allows our executive team time to meet with Loftware and Oracle customers to discuss industry trends and the future of labeling in Oracle. To make up for this missed opportunity, Loftware held their own event for Oracle customers to discuss the impact of the current pandemic and the future of labeling in Oracle Cloud.

During the event, Robert O’Connor, Loftware President and CEO, reviewed how many of Loftware’s pharmaceutical and medical device customers where meeting production demands during this global crisis. He discussed how 3M is shifting production across their facilities and around the world to create face masks and how customers like Hologic and Johnson & Johnson, are shifting production to develop a vaccine to combat the virus. As Mr. O’Connor mentioned in the webinar, each of these customers rely on Loftware to meet their supply chain labeling demands.

Josh Roffman, Loftware’s VP of Product Management, then updated the listeners on happenings at the Oracle Open World event in London. Some of those topics align specifically with shift in supply chains we are seeing across the globe. He mentioned the increased pace of innovation and the need to leverage the benefits of the cloud for Oracle customers keep up these shifts. Mr Roffman further explained that if your technology can’t meet the demand of production, you need to rethink your applications and their ability to scale.

Mr. Roffman also highlighted some of the unique labeling demands Loftware has seen from customers during the current pandemic and how Loftware’s solutions for labeling in the Oracle Cloud were built to meet those demands, including the opportunity to:

  • Dynamically shift labeling from one facility to another as needed – allowing for new and different suppliers to support the needs of production
  • Leverage the cloud for immediate access to users, anywhere across the globe
  • Enable electronic versus physical review of labels

Whether it’s a healthcare crisis or any other type of potential disruption – your supply chain demands a reliable labeling solution that can give you the scale and flexibility your global Oracle environment demands. Watch the following webinar to learn more about how Loftware’s solutions enable labeling in Oracle and allow customers to meet the complex demands of their supply chain.

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