Keeping the Lights On

by Maureen Perroni, on February 16, 2017

Screen_Shot_2016-09-02_at_2.13.42_PM.pngBusiness continuity planning is a vital part of long-term success. Your business must be able to move forward even in the midst of disaster, whether it’s something natural like a storm or a fire, or manmade such as geopolitical unrest.

Your operations professionals spend lots of time thinking the unthinkable, planning so that manufacturing and distribution across the global supply chain can carry on, even as unplanned problems arise. But are they thinking about the labeling?

If they aren’t considering the labeling, they should. You can go to heroic lengths to keep the lights on and the processes moving in the plants and warehouses, but if products can’t be labeled during a disaster, your business continuity has been broken. In the event of a crisis, you need to be able to quickly shift label production from one facility to another without skipping a beat.

Enterprise Labeling Solutions can help tremendously with this challenge because they are, by nature, adept at allowing you to orchestrate complex labeling needs across multiple locations to keep the supply chain moving smoothly. And because it can enable multiple suppliers and facilities secure access to centralized labeling and data on a good day, Enterprise Labeling is well suited to handle the challenge when circumstances are less than perfect.

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