The Customer is Always Right

by Maureen Perroni, on November 29, 2016

dummies.pngBusinesses have been following the "customer is always right" philosophy for generations now. But when it comes to the evolving supply chain, keeping customers satisfied is becoming increasingly challenging. 

Customer-specific needs and labeling requirements, which vary by region and even language, are more variable now than ever, and that's driving changes to labeling. Customers' labeling demands are often an extension of the demands placed on products, and customers are increasingly particular about the format, the data attributes, the branding, and the barcode. Enterprise Labeling turns such challenges into opportunities, because customer responsiveness ultimately drives revenue and profit. 

Enterprise Labeling allows users greater control over the label creation and update process. That, in return, enhances the ability to meet customer requirements quickly and cost-efficiently, because it often eliminates the need to call in IT resources that are frequently scarce and always expensive. 

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