How's Your Food Recall Readiness?

by Denny Ross, on February 21, 2017

Unfortunately, even with best practices in place, there are times when Food & Beverage companies need to recall product due to contamination, expired freshness dates, or other health concerns. Enterprise labeling solutions can greatly reduce the impact by providing a centralized platform to quickly and accurately track and trace product across your extended supply chain. Authorized users can rely on the system to search and source label data and create customized reports to help pinpoint the location of product—in transit, at the distributor warehouse, on the retailer’s shelves, wherever—for faster recovery.

Recently a manufacturer of process foods came to us after they experienced a recall when a supplier provided contaminated meat. Without a standardized process in place, they scrambled to track down the affected product—putting production on hold and leaving their customers at risk, not to mention their reputation. After several days, they were able to remedy the situation and thankfully no one got sick, but the lesson was learned. We have since provided them with a labeling solution that provides the enterprise-wide visibility to act swiftly and efficiently in the event of another recall.

In fact, as more and more food & beverage companies participate in “mock recalls” to better prepare their teams for such a scenario, they’re asking us how enterprise food labeling software can play a key role to significantly improve response and recovery times.

What are some of your other burning questions related to food & beverage labeling? Are you still struggling with FSMA compliance and GMO labeling? Are you leveraging GS1 standards to ensure consistency across your extended supply chain? Check out this new Q&A report that addresses key top-of-mind challenges and how enterprise labeling can provide you with a distinct competitive advantage. It's a quick, easy read you'll want to share with your colleagues.


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