How Quest Medical Reduced Label Turnaround Time by 70%

by Susan Gosnell, on December 6, 2021

Quest Medical, a medical device manufacturer in the United States, came to Loftware looking to modernize the homegrown labeling solution they used to manage labels for over 100 products. Not only did the project digitally transform their labeling, but it also delivered significant efficiencies like a 70% reduction in label change processing time and an 80% reduction in labels maintained. Here’s a summary of the initiative.

Moving label creation and maintenance from IT to business users
IT was heavily involved in labeling with Quest Medical’s homegrown labeling solution. The IT department created individual labels for each product and each label contained different symbols. Whenever a symbol needed to be changed, either because of a new regulatory or customer requirement, the IT department needed to reprogram the application. A label change request could have a turnaround time of a week or more – a costly delay that had a significant impact on the business.

Loftware Spectrum enabled Quest Medical to move the entire label creation and maintenance process away from the IT department and place it in the hands of business users. This consolidated 98 labels into 20 templates allowing them to streamline label changes.

Achieving GS1 compliance
The IT department struggled to get the Device Identifier (DI) and Production Identifier (PI) data that was needed for GS1 compliance into the barcode. With Loftware Spectrum’s GS1-ready label templates, Quest Medical was able to convert over 20 templates in one day.  

Integrating labeling with JD Edwards
Integration with their JD Edwards ERP system wasn’t possible with the homegrown labeling system. Fortunately, Spectrum offers pre-built integration with JD Edwards, allowing users to print finished goods labels on-demand, saving 15 minutes each time they print.

If you want to know more about Quest Medical’s labeling transformation, download the full case study.

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