Are Outdated Processes Hindering Your Time to Market?

by Rob Minns, on June 13, 2019

Many customers I speak to are often amazed at what we uncover when we begin to explore their current processes relating to NPD, packaging and artwork management, labeling and print optimization.

Processes that were once leading edge haven’t developed in-line with their business. Yet teams have become so accustomed to ‘the way things are done here’ that they have lost site of the reason why these processes were developed in the first place. The processes that were established to aide efficiency, speed, collaboration and compliance are no longer fit for purpose and could be having a detrimental impact.

In our most recent publication ‘In2: Optimizing Time to Market’ I discuss how Loftware’s solutions help organizations improve performance and support getting products to market quickly, from the initial product idea all the way through to customer fulfillment.

As explored in my article, there are significant benefits relating to time to market that Loftware solutions deliver along the way. From advanced workflows that support the NPD and Artwork Management process through to solutions that help to ensure labeling efforts can be streamlined and made more efficient – no matter where in the world they are required, what language they need to represent or which label template they need to adhere to. All these factors not only impact time to market, they all ultimately have an impact on the financial performance of businesses too. Getting a product through the NPI/NPD phase, to packaging development and on to labeling and distribution as efficiently as possible can be the difference between having market-leading agility that yields impressive financial results versus unsuitable processes and solutions that always leave you playing catch-up with your competitors.

Take a look at my article to find out more about how the factors we see impacting time to market and how Loftware’s expertise can help. There are also some great contributions from our team and from one of our customers, Crabtree & Evelyn, who have saved around four to six weeks on their product launches thanks to our Artwork Management solution – Smartflow.

Download the report to find out how you can get back on track and begin to realize the benefits our customers do, including saving $4,000 per SKU through improved NPI processes, through to saving over $400,000 on user-error costs in associated with poor labeling processes.


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