How Loftware Functionality Drives Efficiency

by Sam Ireland, on March 17, 2020

We recently published a report focusing on Ease and Efficiency in labeling and product packaging. In it we explore how Loftware supports organizations across the globe to deliver an impact on profitability, performance and time to market.

In the publication you'll find one feature, by Josh Roffman, Loftware’s VP of Product Development, which explores ‘6 Ways Loftware Solutions Improve Artwork and Labeling Processes’. Here’s a snippet of what Josh outlines: 

1. Advanced workflow capabilities to support product development

With Smartflow, Loftware’s Artwork Management solution, no time is wasted, people get the right information at the right time to review, and you can even customize workflows in real-time to ensure that holidays and sick time doesn’t slow down your processes.

2. Transforming the artwork proofing process

A subset of a packaging workflow process, from an efficiency perspective, is the proofing step, which can be greatly streamlined by Loftware Da Vinci.

Da Vinci provides the ability to proof and compare artworks in an automated way. All the annotation, commentary and suggested edits become part of the workflow process and can be managed effectively.

3. Artwork Management reporting with actionable insight

Many of Loftware’s customers identify continuous improvement as a route to generating substantial organizational efficiencies. Key to that is the analytics capability we include around Artwork Management.

With the analytics built into Loftware Smartflow, you can quickly determine where the bottlenecks are, where review cycles are taking too long and where your team may becoming stretched. With that insight you can effect a genuine change, whether that’s upstream to the workflow or downstream to the processes where the bottlenecks are occurring.

4. A streamlined label design process

Loftware’s Enterprise Labeling solution, Spectrum, offers a streamlined and flexible approach to labeling and enables our customers to be much more efficient. Amongst other considerable benefits, one of the things our customers love about Spectrum is that it greatly reduces the need for their IT function to be involved in making label changes. A library of approved label templates empowers business users to make changes in accordance with agreed business rules, saving time and enabling the business to continue production at the required pace.

5. Application Architect

Application Architect streamlines the process of label printing and guides users through a step-by-step process to ensure they are printing the right label, for the right product, with the right regulatory content (if applicable), in the right language, to the right printer.

This helps with reducing training time and alleviating the pressure on resources. It also helps to avoid a lot of potentially inefficient processes being done outside of Spectrum, and eliminates the mistakes and errors that can arise as a result.

6. Remote Printing

Remote Print provides the ability to define labeling standards and to extend a centralized labeling effort to other parts of the business and supply chain, in accordance with their pre-determined business rules.

One benefit is that you no longer have to relabel goods upon receipt to ensure that supply chain labels comply with standards. This eliminates organizational inefficiency which ultimately slows down the pace at which your business can get products to market.

Take a look at the full report to find out more, including other articles that quantify the financial impact Loftware’s solutions offer and the benefits of extending your labeling processes to your supply chain.

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