Enterprise labeling for a connected, flexible supply chain

by Maureen Perroni, on January 11, 2016

Enterprise barcode labeling softwareLooking toward the future, businesses are taking a more standardized approach and respecting the importance that labeling solutions play in the supply chain. Companies are beginning to understand that they need to develop a labeling strategy alongside their supply chain strategy. They are working toward identifying a solution to meet all of the challenges of functioning in today’s global supply chain. This new focus on the strategic value of labeling has required a different and innovative approach to labeling called “Enterprise Labeling.”

Enterprise Labeling integrates labeling processes with business processes to standardize mission-critical labeling. This dynamic and data driven approach, which allows businesses to react to evolving customer, regional and regulatory requirements, empowers business users to quickly and efficiently design and maintain barcode labels. It also ensures consistency across a global supply chain enabling companies to meet performance and scalability requirements with the power and flexibility to support complex, global and high volume labeling requirements.

This approach integrates labeling processes with business processes to standardize mission-critical labeling across the supply chain. Providing the opportunity to work with existing business processes and vital data sources allows companies to standardize and offer consistency throughout their operations. This approach allows user to save time and money by allowing companies to maximize existing investments and eliminating the need to retrain users.

Also, for global organizations it’s critical to be able to print to a diverse set of printer makes and models with the speed and performance needed to support your operations. Enterprise Labeling Solutions allow companies to optimize speed and network efficiency by communicating with printers in their native language, with the ability to design labels independent of the printer make/model. Loftware can automate the print process, whether driven directly from enterprise applications, mobile devices or browser-based, on-demand interfaces to maximize print performance.

To find out more about how Enterprise Labeling can help improve your supply chain efficiency, check out the full article in Manufacturing Business Technology.  You also can download our special report on the topic which was co-sponsored by VDC Research.

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