Electronics Manufacturer Saves Millions by Reducing Costly Labeling Errors

by Joe Longo, on May 1, 2017

Find out how one of Lofware's customers was able to integrate their Enterprise Labeling with Oracle to achieve accuracy and consistency. This US-based electronics manufacturer was experiencing signignificant growth but was having diffculty quickly scaling business processes, including labeling, to meet their global needs. The company, which has 2,000 global customers and maintains 12 sites across the US, Europe and Asia Pacic, serves multiple end- markets including automotive, aerospace and defense, as well as other industrial markets, and was growing aggressively.

Since the company was growing at an exceedingly fast pace, they required smarter, automated processes and solutions that could meet these new demands. Therefore, they replaced their existing ERP system with a phased implementation of Oracle’s eBusiness Suite. The Oracle WMS and MSCA implementation supported the company’s rapid growth, however it soon became apparent that the company’s “home-grown” labeling system was no longer adequate to handle the growing volume and complexity, as well as the increasing amount of customer specific requirements for shipping and labeling. Most importantly, the existing system relied on manual labeling processes, which resulted in costly mislabeling and growing customer dissatisfaction.

Additionally, the company maintained multiple solutions, which meant a lack of labeling consistency which presented a challenge for meeting evolving regulatory requirements including The Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive. With all of these pending risks and requirements, they realized a need for a comprehensive Enterprise Labeling Solution, which would integrate directly with Oracle to provide a single source of truth for label data to offer consistency and ef ciency across a global supply chain. Loftware offered a solution which helped meet evolving customer requirements and scale labeling to keep pace with the company growth.

Download our new case study to find out more about how this customer was able to integrate their lableing with Oracle to:

  • Saved millions by eliminating costly mislabeling
  • Ensured compliance for mandates such as RoHS
  • Replaced time consuming manual processes
  • Capability for business users to make label updates
  • Met unique requirements to keep customer happy

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