Could smartphones replace barcode label scanners?

by Maureen Perroni, on April 15, 2016

Barcode label scannersDemand for barcode scanning devices is growing. The extensive global supply chain and the changing nature of sales have led to an uptick in the need for product tracking and traceability. From the moment an item leaves the factory to the time it reaches the hands of the customer, it has likely been scanned numerous times.

But are dedicated scanning devices always necessary? Yes, they have served industries for years, but advances in enterprise software have led to exciting opportunities for new tools. In fact, it's possible that our smartphones could handle many of the tasks that we rely on barcode scanners for.

An article on EBN makes the case that Apple's latest iPhone could replace scanners along the supply chain, but the same could be said for a high-end Android or similar handset. These modern devices are light and portable. They come equipped with high-quality cameras that allow them to scan barcodes with a high degree of accuracy. They also present a lower total cost of ownership than scanners, especially when you consider that many employees already own mobile devices.

Because the major mobile platforms allow many different enterprise apps to be hosted on their stores, there is software available that can manage inventory and track and trace products. And as the technology found in mobile devices continues to advance, so too will their capabilities. Firms will be able to make use of the scanning features of the latest phones, while also designing barcode labels that are suited to them.

Enterprise Labeling Solutions makes it easier for businesses to make changes to their labeling when they adjust to changing consumer needs, or new technology. By replacing manual labeling with an automated, centralized solution, this software cuts down on errors, improves efficiency and makes the transition faster.

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