Chemical Labeling: Challenges and Opportunities

by Greg Wimble, on June 12, 2017

Better chemical labeling is essential - and can have extra benefits.
Better chemical labeling is essential - and can have extra benefits.

Labeling in the chemical manufacturing industry is an essential part of business, as the industry is legislated by a set of complex and intersecting laws. Companies must find labeling solutions that meet regulations in every relevant region and evolve over time as those rules change.

International Patchwork

"Watching rules change is relevant at every link in the chemical supply chain."


As supply chains stretch around the world, chemical manufacturers have taken on a new challenge: becoming aware of laws beyond their countries' borders. Sometimes, even elements meant to bring nations together, such as the Globally Harmonized System for Hazard Communication (GHS)Companies at every link in the chemical supply chain need to watch how these rules change.

As an example of the ever-shifting laws around chemical labeling practices, Chemical Watch recently pointed out that the deadline to implement Canada's new Workplaces Hazardous Materials Information System has been delayed by a year. Now, manufacturers and importers have until June 1, 2018 to comply with the new, GHS-aligned system.

It's never possible to truly predict every change coming to the regulatory environment. As Chem.Info contributor Meagan Parrish noted, not even the Trump administration's promise to cut regulations should be taken as a sure sign that there will be fewer rules to comply with in the future. MFG Chemical's Hack Drawdy told Parrish that the "best case scenario" is a stable number of laws. Expecting the amount to decline seems unrealistic.

Creating a Better Business

When chemical manufacturers pursue comprehensive Enterprise Labeling Solutions to ensure their compliance, they may not be thinking about the added benefits that will come along. But these can be significant.

For instance, consistent and accurate data can ensure companies are able to accurately track products, even as they pass between partner organizations. This visibility boosts efficiency and minimizes risk, both essential markers of success in the chemical sector. Compliance is a reason to improve labeling, but not the only one.

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