Better supplier labeling: Part 4 [Video]

by Craig Hodgson, on August 9, 2017

Welcome back to the Loftware blog, where we're discussing the benefits that come with standardizing labeling for both manufacturers and their suppliers. We've already focused on a lack of relabeling, faster receiving and reduced inventory needs - but there are plenty more advantages.

When labeling systems are standardized, manufactures get to see what is being labeled and when, letting them plan more effectively. The ability to create label printing rules lets manufacturers exert greater control over when orders are sent out.

In addition, shared labeling systems allow visibility into shipping operations, as well as the costs and timing associated with supply shipments. Getting this kind of information would normally involve lots of excess correspondence.

With so many avenues for potential savings, it's clear that manufacturers have plenty to gain from standardized supply labeling. We'll be back soon with more enterprise labeling insights.

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