Automotive Electronics Market Opens New Opportunities

by Harald Desjarlais, on August 14, 2017

Components within vehicles have become a major electronics market focus.
Components within vehicles have become a major electronics market focus.

Electronics component manufacturers have seen revolutions in consumer goods in recent years, as sensors, screens and other elements have entered some of the most common items. This has led to new levels of demand and a specific focus that has surely changed the routing and volume of many supply chains.

According to a Solid State Technology article by contributors Jean-Charles Cigal and Greg Shuttleworth, there is another new sector opening up, one quite different from consumer devices: increasingly advanced components for vehicles. The opportunities presented by this market could be exciting for organizations ready to meet the accompanying requirements.

Vehicle Electronics Today
Cigal and Shuttleworth, who work for a Taiwanese material supplier, explained that the automotive technology field is based on rigorous testing and high standards, with devices and their components vetted carefully by automakers. As of 2016, the automotive sector has reached $34 billion, totaling a little under 10 percent of all global semiconductor use.

Cigal and Shuttleworth noted that while the automotive tech market has been traditionally dominated by a few specialized suppliers, the demand for tech products is ramping up significantly. The next generation of vehicles will incorporate more autonomous features than ever before, and achieving this goal will call for a significant increase in advanced components in each car.

The semiconductors used in vehicles are reaching new heights of complexity - as Semiconductor Engineering explained, the components used to be fairly simple, produced on fairly long development cycles. That has changed, as automakers are using their electronics to differentiate themselves from competitors.

The automotive industry has a new hunger for advanced electronics.The automotive industry has a new hunger for advanced electronics.

Ready for the Future
Electronics manufacturers hoping to scale up into the increasingly tech-heavy automotive sector have their work cut out for them. Ensuring quality and reliability in products is easier when supply chains are highly controlled and visible. Effective labeling solutions, with serialization providing even more traceability, can help these processes reach new levels of effectiveness.