Josh Thorp

Josh Thorp

Josh has over a decade of customer service, coupled with five years of in-depth sales experience. He has been recognized for his ability to build strong customer relationships and he works closely with customers to identify challenges and offer solutions to meet their existing needs. Currently, in his position at Loftware, Josh focuses on both mid-market and enterprise accounts. In his past experience, Josh has worked in outside sales, prospecting new opportunities and has worked directly with customers as an extension of their business.

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by Josh Thorp, on November 4, 2021

Organizations looking to streamline their labeling and product packaging often face challenges in content review and approval processes. Reviews and approvals are critical steps and are surely deserving of plenty …

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Topics:Artwork Management

by Josh Thorp, on July 9, 2021

In every industry, Cloud technology is driving digital transformation. From ERP to CRM systems, from warehouse and inventory management applications to product lifecycle management, system after system is going to …

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Topics:LabelingcloudStandardizing Labeling

by Josh Thorp, on April 20, 2021

As consumer expectations evolve, it’s more critical than ever to avoid mislabeling and counterfeit items, minimize manufacturer errors, and address unsafe products, no matter what your industry. The rise of …

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Topics:Track & Traceability

by Josh Thorp, on July 29, 2020

Have you ever wondered why your supplier labeling costs are so high? If you’re anything like most large manufacturers, the management of supplier goods is a complex process with multiple …

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Topics:Supply ChainLabeling