Craig Hodgson

Craig Hodgson

Craig Hodgson is the Industry Manager at Loftware, where he manages all industry-specific engagements, relationships, and partnerships. His knowledge of the Enterprise Labeling Industry is vast and spans a wide range of industries including Medical Device, Food & Beverage, Chemical and Automotive.

Recent Posts by Craig Hodgson:

by Craig Hodgson, on July 16, 2018

Creating a fast, efficient supply chain is essential to compete in today’s market. All facets must run at peak efficiency, including labeling. Any delays or disruptions due to mislabeling can …

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Topics:LabelingFood & Beverage

by Craig Hodgson, on June 28, 2018

In the highly competitive food & beverage market, delays and miscommunication can cost companies upwards of millions of dollars. McCormick & Company understood this as they were faced with a rage …

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Topics:SAP LabelingFood & Beverage

by Craig Hodgson, on June 15, 2018

Last week’s GS1 Connect event held in blazing hot Phoenix brought together hundreds of key influencers and decision makers from Foodservice, Healthcare, Retail Grocery and Apparel to discuss latest trends …

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Topics:Supply ChainRegulatoryFood & Beverageevents

by Craig Hodgson, on May 31, 2018

Heading to GS1 Connect next week in Phoenix? This annual event brings together key influencers and decision makers from Foodservice, Healthcare, Retail Grocery and Apparel to network and participate in …

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Topics:PharmaceuticalsMedical DevicesSupply ChainRegulatoryFood & BeverageArtwork Management

by Craig Hodgson, on May 11, 2018

Labels continue to play a critical role in the safe testing, manufacturing, distribution and use of medical devices worldwide. Not only must they comply with a range of regulatory requirements …

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Topics:Medical DevicesRegulatory

by Craig Hodgson, on May 4, 2018

Just as you’ve come to grips with the FDA’s Unique Device Identification (UDI) system, along comes the European Union’s version—and a new set of labeling requirements. The EU’s recently published …

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Topics:Medical DevicesRegulatoryLabeling

by Craig Hodgson, on April 25, 2018

In a perfect world, here’s how the supply chain would work: shipments would flow from one party to the next smoothly, without hassles or delays. Regulatory compliance would just happen …

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by Craig Hodgson, on April 17, 2018

Last week’s MODEX 2018 event was a first for Loftware as we joined 925 other exhibitors in the more than spacious Georgia World Congress Center. We had never been to …

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Topics:Supply ChainSAP LabelingLabelingLogistics

by Craig Hodgson, on April 16, 2018

Supply chain challenges crop up on a daily basis. You need to avoid manufacturing disruptions, comply with regulations and meet customer demands. There are a lot of moving parts to …

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Topics:ManufacturingBarcode Labeling

by Craig Hodgson, on April 9, 2018

Managing regulatory compliance has always been a challenge for organizations, particularly those in the Chemical, Medical Device, Pharmaceutical and Food & Beverage industries. The stakes are even higher today as companies …

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by Craig Hodgson, on April 4, 2018

“I was looking at a bottle of water with nutritional facts printed on the label. I’m no chemist, but I have a rough idea what’s in water.” – Comedian Jim …

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Topics:Supply ChainManufacturingLabeling

by Craig Hodgson, on March 22, 2018

If you’re running SAP to help drive your business, it only makes sense to pull data directly from this system of record for all of your key supply chain processes—including …

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Topics:Supply ChainSAP LabelingLabeling

by Craig Hodgson, on February 7, 2018

We’re fast approaching the three-year anniversary of GHS deadlines. That’s of course when U.S. companies had to comply with OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) for the classification and labeling of chemicals, which …

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Topics:Supply ChainRegulatoryLabeling

by Craig Hodgson, on December 7, 2017

In the face of intense global competition, no manufacturer can afford the costly delays and disruptions due to labeling errors. Modine, a global leader of thermal management solutions, long recognized …

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Topics:ManufacturingSAP LabelingLabeling

by Craig Hodgson, on November 9, 2017

In a fast-paced manufacturing environment, supply chain systems must be aligned for optimum efficiency. Any disconnect or delay can slow production and reduce profitability. For Bemis, a global leader of …

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Topics:Supply ChainManufacturingSAP LabelingLabeling