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Today's Manufacturers and 3PLs Need Close Ties

Report: Mobile barcode scanners expanding data capture market

Guarding Against Disaster

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Loftware Releases Expand Native Color Support and Extends RFID and Integration Capabilities

Consumer Goods Supply Chains: In a State of Evolution

Labeling Validation—In Under 8 Weeks: A Case Study

Chemical Market Busy with Mergers and Acquisitions

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The Industrial Internet of Things Has Empowered Manufacturing

Better Supplier Labeling: Part 6 [Video]

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Better supplier labeling: Part 5 [Video]

It's Not Just Barcode Labeling Software Anymore

Automotive Electronics Market Opens New Opportunities

Logistics Providers Anticipate Another Busy Peak Season

Better supplier labeling: Part 4 [Video]

Food Labeling Requirements Always in Flux

Medical Device Labeling for Highly Regulated, Competitive Marketplace

Better supplier labeling: Part 3 [Video]

The Importance of Color Labeling in the Supply Chain

Retail Supply Chains Must Deal with Ceaseless Evolution

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With GHS Deadlines in the Past - is Compliance Still an Issue?

Reaching Automation's Promise Calls for Barcode Labeling

Complex Auto Supply Chains Demand High-Quality Labeling

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Tackling What’s Next in Med Device Labeling

Battling Logistics Challenges Through Barcode Labeling

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Barcode Labeling an Essential Element of Inventory Management

The Changing Landscape of Barcode Labeling, Part 15 [Video]

Adopting New FDA Nutrition Labels amid Shifting Deadlines

The Changing Landscape of Barcode Labeling, part 14 [Video]

High-volume Barcode Labeling Increasingly Possible In-house

Embracing UDI Labeling and a Validated Solution

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Integrating barcode labeling with Oracle

Barcode Labeling Software Benefits from SAP Integration

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DSCSA: 2017 Deadline for Prescription Drug Manufacturers Fast Approaching

Could OSHA Labeling Rules Change Under the Trump Administration?

Sapphire Attendees Discover that "Life is Good" and so are Loftware's Labeling Solutions

The Changing Landscape of Barcode Labeling, Part 10 [Video]

QAD Offers the Right Formula for Doing Business in Today's Automotive Supply Chain

The Changing Landscape of Barcode Labeling, Part 9 [Video]

Modern Warehousing and Inventory Coming to Supply Chains

The Changing Landscape of Barcode Labeling, Part 8 [Video]

Aspire, Challenge and Transform in a Disruptive World

UDI Compliance: Deadlines Depend on Device Class

Q1 Event Reveals Upcoming Shifts in Medical Device Labeling Requirements Overseas

The Changing Landscape of Barcode Labeling, Part 7 [Video]

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Standardized Labels Key to Manufacturing in the Automation Age

QAD Driving Change at This Year's Explore Event in Motor City, May 8-11

The Changing Landscape of Barcode Labeling, Part 6 [Video]

Electronics Manufacturer Saves Millions by Reducing Costly Labeling Errors

Leverage existing SAP investments for labeling - Live Webinar with SAPInsider on 5/4/17

The Changing Landscape of Barcode Labeling, Part 5 [Video]

Considering RoHS, Now and in the Future

OSHA Chemical Labeling May Evolve Again

Label LogiPharma a “Must-Attend” Event

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Increase Barcode Labeling Stability

As assembly lines speed up, labeling must keep up

Unique Device Identification for Medical Hardware Reaches Europe

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Defend Auto Supply Chain Integrity with Barcode Labeling

Barcode labeling: A weapon against counterfeit electronics

Electronics Manufacturer Reduces Costly Labeling Errors

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Ready for the EU Tissue and Cell Labeling Rule?

Learn, Network, and Explore at Collaborate17

The changing landscape of barcode labeling: Part 3 [Video]

Keep Supply Chains in Compliance with FSMA

Where does it hurt in your Med Device supply chain?

DSCSA is in effect, and supply chains must keep up

The changing landscape of barcode labeling: Part 2 [Video]

Keep up with Chemical labeling regulations

Live Webinar: Reducing the Risk of Electronics Counterfeiting

[Video] Changing Landscape of Barcode Labeling: Part 1

SAPinsider Conference: Digital Transformation and S/4HANA

Labeling that can Meet Just-in-Time Deadlines in Auto Manufacturing

A Dose of Reality—and Opportunity—at Pharma Labeling Event

Infographic - Top 5 Trends in Enterprise Labeling

Infographic - Essentials of Barcode Labeling Success

3 challenges with UDI Compliance for Medical Devices

Webinar with GS1: Make UDI Labeling a Program, Not a Project

Alexa - Can You Work With SAP HANA?

When It Comes To Labeling Best Practice Makes Perfect

Why Extend Chemical Labeling Outside Your Four Walls?

Integrate Your Labeling With Oracle®

Death by a Thousand Labeling Cuts

Loftware Spectrum® 3.0 Makes Applying Sophisticated Business Logic Simple

How's Your Food Recall Readiness?

Trek - Keeping Pace with Customer Requirements While Saving Time and Money

Keeping the Lights On

[Video] How Barcode Labeling Can Help Expansion into New Markets

Simplify and Optimize Automotive Logistics with Labeling

Pharma Labeling Event to Address DSCSA and More

Oracle Modern Supply Chain Summit

Migrating the AIDC Market from Monochrome to Multi-Color

[Video] Aerospace Industry Faces Aging Fleets

How Can Labeling Combat Electronics Counterfeiting?

CPG Companies Contend with Complicated Logistic

[Video] Emerging Markets Present Opportunities In 2017

Significant Shifts In Labeling Impact Supply Chains Worldwide

Connecting Labeling Up and Down The Supply Chain

Industry, Governments Battle Computer Part Counterfeiting

Why So Much Depends on Your Chemical Labels

[Video] U.S. Targets Counterfeit Consumer Electronics

Change Happens - Especially When It Comes To Labeling

Electronics Counterfeiting Weighs On Defense Budget

Barcodes Popular In Many Industries

FDA Provides New Guidance on Blood Labeling

Aerospace Industry Looks Cautiously Into 2017

A “Must Read” for Chemical Supply Chain Success

Improving Trade Logistics In A Changing World

2016 Top 5 Labeling Trends: Emerging Deployment Platforms

[Video] Labeling Helps Large Organizations Scale Up

Following Rules and Regulations for Proper Labeling

Driving Supply Chain Efficiencies

Governments, Industry Must Stop Electronics Counterfeiting

Retailers See Growing Holiday Demand

[Video] The World Of Supply Chains Isn't So Small

Bringing Order to Complexity

6 Answers to Relieve Supply Chain Pain

Manufacturers Must Prepare For New GMO Labeling Law

[Video] Change Isn't Always Easy in A Global Supply Chain

Automakers Must Still Contend With Updated CAFE Standards

Better Chemical Inventory Needed To Avoid Disasters

It's All In A Name - Especially When It Comes To Food Labeling

[Video] How To Prepare For New Nutrition Facts Label

Taming the Barcode Labeling Beast

Labeling at the Speed of Innovation

The Customer is Always Right

Suppliers Depend On New Technology To Support Efficiency

Don't Risk Having Your Automotive Supply Chain End Up In the Breakdown

[Video] Chemical Industry Combats Climate Change

[Video] How Supply Chains Must Evolve For Omnichannel

Automated Barcode Reading Powers Supply Chains

Why Not Labeling to Fight Medical Device Counterfeiting?

GHS News To Know

Government Regulations Lead To Denser Labels

Retailers Eliminate Supply Chain Silos To Achieve Omnichannel

What exactly is Enterprise Labeling anyway?

Leading Industry Experts Attend SAP Best Practices Automotive

[Video] 2016 Top 5 Labeling Trends: Global Regulations

Linking Labeling with Business Processes

How Will GMO Regulations Evolve?

EU Prepping for New Labeling of Human Tissue and Cells

2016 Top Five Labeling Trends: Customer Requirements Drive Change

Enterprise Labeling News You Should Know

Enterprise Labeling A Crucial Part Of Bimodal Supply Chains

Enterprise Labeling 101 Webinar

FDA To Hold First DSCSA Meeting

Loftware Partners with PTC, Announces Medical Device Solution

[Video] Labeling Is Everyone's Concern

The Problem With Pre-Printed Label Stock

Barcode Labeling Terms You Should Know

[Video] Color Labeling - A Major Driver of Printer Purchases This Year

Beyond GHS: What’s Next for Chemical Labeling?

Medical Device Labelers Powwow in Phoenix

Hot Off the Presses: Q&A on the Burning Issues in Food & Beverage Labeling

From the Barcode to Enterprise Labeling

GMO Labeling Law Could Increase Complexity

[Video] Demand For Electric Cars Leads To Lithium Bottlenecks

Medical Device Makers Struggle With Label Readability

Med Device Labeling Event Will Speak to Ongoing Challenges—and Opportunities

[Video] UL Launches 'Marine Use' Labeling Program for GHS Requirements

Avoiding Labeling Errors In A Complex Market

VDC Report: Global Market on Handheld Barcode Scanners

Facing High Demand, LEGO Struggles With Supply Chain Bottlenecks

USDA Crafts Rules For GMO Labeling Law Implementation

Tame the Barcode Labeling Beast

[Video] Complex Barcodes For A Globalized Market in Electronics

Support Customers With Clear And Consistent Labeling

FDA Requires New Labeling Changes to Secure Patient Safety Regarding Combined Use of Opiods and Benzodiazepines

[Video] Local Businesses Should Embrace Omnichannel

Enterprise Labeling Solutions Simplify Maintenance and Limit IT Involvement

Product Innovation to Promote Growth in Stationery Thermal Barcode Printing

Designing Labels to Meet Corporate Standards

[Video] Don't Let Labels Interfere With Each Other

Successful Enterprise Labeling Requires Industry Knowledge and Domain Experience

Retailers Seek To Reduce Stock-Outs

Find Out about Evolving Requirements Shaping the Future of Barcode Labeling

[Video] GHS Compliance Necessary To Improve Lab Safety

VDC Report on Mobile Thermal Printing Solution Market

3 Common Labeling Challenges

Your Olive Oil May Be Fake

Most Device Makers Not Ready For UDI

GHS Label Compliance Next Steps

Is Your Global Labeling Strategy Within Reach?

[Video] Obama Signs Bill Requiring GMO Labeling

The Problems With The Fight Against Electronics Counterfeiting

Complex Automotive Supply Chain Makes Traceability A Challenge

DSCSA Deadlines Drive Greater Traceability Investments

Integrate Labeling with SAP to Optimize Your Global Supply Chain

[Video] Barcode Labeling History: The Future of Barcodes

Upcoming Event Urges Medical Device Labelers to Act Globally

Labeling Deployment Models Used for Large Scale, Global Companies

Managing Automotive Supply Chains in a Global Economy

Vaccine Counterfeiting Ring Uncovered In Indonesia

[Video] Barcode Labeling History: Efficiency Gains

Support E-commerce With A More Responsive Inventory

Combating Conflict Mineral Use

Labeling Is Still Important In Automated Industries

New Q&A: Why Barcode Labeling Matters in Electronics

Next UDI Deadline Will Place Stress on GUDID Database

[Video] Barcode Labeling History: Ahead of its Time

Use Labeling To Increase Warehouse Efficiency

Loftware Celebrates 30 Years of Innovative Labeling Solutions

Survey: Most Businesses Not Ready For FSMA

[Video] Barcode Labeling History: Before Barcodes

Webinar with GS1: Food Labeling 2.0 and Improving Farm-to-Fork Visibility

Condition of UDI Compliance? Fair…for Now

Complex Recalls Prompt Traceability System Updates

Best Practices for Allowing Rapid Label Change

[Video] Supply Chain Traceability is a Growing Issue

Integrated Labeling to Improve Supply Chain Efficiency

Critical Challenges in Manufacturing Labeling

FDA Expected to Issue Final DSCSA Rule Governing Distributors and 3PLs

[Video] Logistics Professionals Struggle With Visibility

Traceability Investments on the Rise for Compliance and Recall-Related Efficiencies

Drive Optimzational Excellence at SAPinsider's Conference 2016

[Video] Waging War on Counterfeiting

Final GHS Compliance Deadline Passes

California Adjusts Prop. 65 Labeling Requirements

[Video] Worker Protections Drive Global Supply Chain Regulations

Spicing things up at SAP Forum

A Beginner's Guide to Global Labeling Regulations

Top 7 Ways Labeling Drives Automotive Supply Chain Efficiency

The Warehouse of the Future

An Introduction to Thermal Printing

Auto Manufacturers Struggle with Mexican Supply Chains

Webinar with AIAG: EDI, Labeling and the Holistic Auto Supply Chain

Webinar: GHS Update and What You Need to Know

Loftware Reports on this Year's Sapphire NOW Event

[Video] Is the Future of Manufacturing On-Demand?

Unlock the Power of Standards—and Labeling—at GS1 Connect

“Bimodal” is the Word of the Day

Live Webinar - Givaudan’s Success Story: Optimizing Barcode Labeling in SAP

Webinar: How to Label Counterfeiters “Out of Business”

Nestlé’s Supply Chain Leader Shares some Staggering Numbers

[Video] Warehouses Seek to Reduce Delivery Times

[Video] Chinese Manufacturing Rushes to Automate

Spectrum Offers New Multi-Site Capability for Label Management and Printing Across Remote Facilities

Mobile Barcode Scanners - Shaping the Future of the Data Capture Industry

Expanding traceability in the Food Supply Chain

[Video] Apparel Manufacturing Poised to Be Big Job Engine

Retailers Must Embrace Innovation and Rethink Retail Labeling

21 CFR Part 11 Helps to Ensure Medical Devices are Safe and Reliable

Rich Sherman to Speak on Labeling in the Digital Supply Chain

[Video] China Strengthens Hazardous Substances Restrictions

Consistent and Reliable Labeling Results in New Career Opportunities

Need Help Implementing & Maintaining a Validated and Compliant Labeling Solution?

Apple Analyzes Environmental Impact of Thousands of Components

Find out How Trek Optimized Labeling To Coast Through Customer Requirements

How Can Configurable Business Logic Improve Labeling?

How is the UDI Implementation Unfolding?

Can better nutrition labels improve health outcomes?

[Video] Electronic displays must comply with RoHS standard

Toyota strikes back against counterfeiting

Could smartphones replace barcode label scanners?

Customer Requirements Impact Barcode Labeling

[Video] Managing e-waste in a high-tech world

Technical support - critical to successful Enterprise Labeling deployments

General Mills announces GMO labeling plan

Better latte than never with UDI compliance

Electronics manufacturers reduce environmental, social impact with labeling

[Video] Global trade spreads counterfeit drugs

Real-Life SAP use cases – The SAP event for operational excellence

Shift Your Labeling into High Gear at COLLABORATE 16

What is the future of drug traceability?

[Video] How the DSCSA will change pharmaceutical traceability

Tales of security, HANA and “blackouts” at SAP chemicals event

We're throwing away too many electronic devices

Pharmaceutical labeling: Data, data everywhere

[Video] Combating the global drug counterfeiting threat

Eliminating error-prone manual barcode labeling

Implementing a solution to address global labeling challenges

[Video] Delayed pharmaceutical tracing requirements take effect

Auto manufacturers warn of counterfeit goods

Buzz at HDMA: Serialization, 2D barcodes, change management

What role does IT play with Your label design?

[Video] The future of the UDI rollout

Sweet smell of enterprise labeling success

How the DSCSA supports the growth of biologics

Pharma labeling event reinforces growing trends

Are you integrating labeling to more than one application?

FDA gives companies more time to switch from old medical device IDs

Loftware Announces this year's Top 5 Trends In Enterprise Labeling

FDA Issues New Guidelines for Pharmaceutical Repackaging

Electronics manufacturing marred by counterfeiting

Managing regulatory & customer requirements with Enterprise Labeling

[Video] How can Enterprise Labeling help with UDI compliance?

Don't miss out on the healthcare supply chain event of the year

Color Label Printing Adds Efficiency

Top 4 reasons to attend Pharma Labeling Compliance event in Boston

[Video] Achieve UDI Compliance with Enterprise Labeling

Evolving technology & trends demand Enterprise Labeling

How can companies meet high-volume label printing requirements?

Complying with the 21 CFR Part 11 rule

Why is training users important for barcode labeling?

[Video] What's next for UDI Compliance?

The disruptive force of “The Cloud”

Thoughts from the Oracle Modern Supply Chain Experience

Why is it so hard to stop counterfeit auto parts?

Cost savings for managing and deploying barcode labeling

[Video] Why is UDI labeling so important?

RoHS exemptions may expire in July

Hear about this year's Top 5 Trends in Enterprise Labeling

Advantages of business users managing label design

[Video] Geopolitics will affect supply chains in 2016

FDA clarifies UDI rules for convenience kits

Reliable barcodes needed for shifting supply chain needs

Which types of applications are companies integrating with labeling?

[Video] Leveraging best practices and domain experience for labeling

Top 3 Reasons to Attend Oracle Modern Supply Chain Experience 2016

Maintaining supply chains amid economic uncertainty

How can variability in labeling negatively impact a business?

[Video] Providing simplified maintenance and deployment for labeling

Don't understate the dangers of counterfeit pharmaceuticals

Enterprise labeling for a connected, flexible supply chain