3 Ways to Unlock Value with Labeling and Packaging

by Justin Maguire, on April 15, 2021

Every day we see just how much of a critical role labeling and packaging processes play in an organization’s success, so why do so many companies continue to overlook them? Forward-thinking organizations, on the other hand, are now viewing their labeling processes as opportunities to enhance operations, speed up time to market, and reduce inefficiencies. In a recently published Spotlight report, we focused on how organizations can harness the power of packaging and labeling as key enablers for business growth and building competitive advantage. Download our report for a unique customer interview from GSK, a discussion on the best approaches to Packaging Artwork, and a primer on our model for charting a map for continuous labeling improvement. 

Here’s a glimpse of what’s covered: 

s Winning Strategy for Labeling 

Find out firsthand what customers can accomplish by standardizing and centralizing labeling processes. Rob Worland, GSK’s Product Owner – Warehouse, Distribution & Labeling, discusses how Loftware Spectrum has allowed GSK to drastically reduce label print times, design times, and label design costs. Read Rob’s insights on the future of labeling based on industry trends, technology shifts and company objectives, as he explains why supply chain developments and changing labeling requirements will be increasingly viewed as a strategic enabler over the coming years. 

Five Ways Insight Transforms Packaging Artwork Processes 

Are you struggling with outdated, manual artwork processes that throw your packaging approvals into chaos and impact your time to market? Gemma Wood, Product Manager at Loftware, explains how a digitalized, automated approach to Artwork Management enables organizations to spot opportunities for operational improvement and make informed business decisions that speed packaging approvals and drive time to market.  

Learn how the best approaches to Artwork Management utilize Advanced Reporting and Business Intelligence (BI) to improve performance throughout the packaging artwork life cycle, particularly in the key areas of understanding the impact of customer demands, process improvement, managing supplier challenges, improving resource management and efficiency, and identifying risks in real time to avoid disaster. 

Finding your Labeling Sweet Spot  

You may be wondering how to begin implementing a cohesive labeling process. With the Enterprise Labeling Maturity Model, we can help map out where on the journey a customer’s labeling process falls and where they need to be with their labeling capabilities.  

Our model provides organizations with a framework for labeling improvement and is a great way to build a business case for labeling improvements and getting stakeholder buy-in. Download the report to learn from Kevin Miller, Director of Global Pre-Sales at Loftware, how users can chart their course to labeling improvements across five key areas: 

  •  React: responding to your organization’s bespoke labeling requirements. 
  • Manage: proactively managing and planning your labeling processes
  • Integrate: consolidating your existing processes and beginning to integrate   labeling with enterprise applications.
  • Orchestrate: standardizing and centralizing labeling Solution across your     organization. 
  • Extend: optimizing your labeling process beyond your organization across your   supply chain. 

Interested in unlocking these benefits for your business? Download Spotlight and learn more about how we can help you optimize labeling and packaging process across your business. 


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