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The Crucial Role of Labeling at GSK

Standardization and Centralization in Action

When looking at the pharmaceutical industry, each organization faces a similar set of challenges. This is especially true when looking at the labeling process. From supply and distribution chains, to regulatory changes happening across the globe - your labeling process must be able to adapt accordingly.

GSK is a leading pharmaceutical company, had over 26 different labeling solutions and 40 manufacturing sites worldwide. In an effort to take the reigns of the labeling processes, GSK moved to a standardized and centralized labeling solution.

"We have seen SAP label print times reduce by 98%. We've also achieved 75%
reduction in label design time and 66% reduction in label design costs."
- Rob Worland, GSK’s Product Owner.

In the following interview, you'll hear about GSK's improved approach to labeling, why it is critical to business success and in the words of Rob Worland, you'll discover why "the impact of a standardized labeling solution [is] transformative."

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Thank you! You can read the paper here: [[PDF]]

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