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April 20, 2023


Top 5 Trends for 2023: The connection between labeling and supply chain health

Stefanie Guzikowski

Senior Industry Marketing Manager

Today’s corporate leaders are more often recognizing the direct correlation between labeling and supply chain health as they continue to look for new ways to optimize business processes and create new efficiencies in a fast-shifting business landscape. In fact, now cloud-based labeling solutions are more on their radar as the most effective approach to extend labeling to new partners and suppliers and keep supply chains running smoothly. A cloud labeling approach also means accommodating a remote workforce and ensuring the continuous movement of parts and products without delays – both upstream and downstream.

In support of this, Loftware’s 2023 annual ‘Top 5 Trends in Labeling & Packaging Artwork’ report, which draws on insights from almost 500 professionals across industries in 55 countries, revealed that 80% of survey respondents said they’ve experienced a direct impact on their business due to supply chain disruptions, while 73% of respondents said it’s important to be able to print labels remotely to enable business operations. It is quite apparent that continuous labeling operations are crucial to supply chain health.

Continuous Labeling Operations

In today’s fast-paced business environment, companies challenged with managing a more globally dispersed supply chain desperately need the ability to provide users with immediate access to labeling regardless of location. Prevention of connectivity issues is crucial, whether an outage, shutdown, or supply chain disruption occurs. Labeling must also be flexible enough to support new products, languages, regions, formats, shipping routes, and availability – not to mention to do so in a compliant and consistent manner and with confidence about uptime and availability. With cloud labeling, instead of having to recreate their own local versions, remote users have centralized access to a library of approved label templates which saves precious time, avoids the risk of labeling errors, increases printing quality, and enables users to preview labels for accuracy - anywhere at any time without disruption.

Seamless Supplier Access

In addition to remote workers, extending this same flexibility and access to centralized labeling to multiple suppliers, partners, and 3PLs is crucial in utilizing the cloud for business continuity and supply chain agility. As illustrated in our Top 5 Trends report, 62% said extending labeling to partners and suppliers enables them to avoid re-labeling. Disruption in warehousing, distribution, or even closed facilities continues to create supply chain bottlenecks for companies across the globe but with the cloud, all users can quickly and easily shift labeling from one facility to another to meet production needs. This accessibility provides greater control, ensuring uptime and reducing risk.

Learn more about Loftware’s key 2023 trends

For more information about Loftware’s Top 5 Trends 2023, download our report for free. Additionally, you can watch a recording of the ‘2023 Top 5 Trends in Labeling & Packaging Artwork’ webinar here.

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