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July 13, 2023


Top 5 Trends for 2023: Embracing composable business models for agile and resilient labeling operations

Laura Hindley

Senior PR & Communications Manager

It’s become clear that to compete in today’s challenging business environment, companies need to be agile and resilient. This means they must be able to adjust to new circumstances and do so quickly. 

As this landscape evolves, organizations will need to deliver innovation quickly and adapt applications dynamically — reassembling capabilities from inside and outside the enterprise. To do this, organizations must understand and implement what is known as the “composable enterprise.”

What is a composable enterprise?

Composable business means creating an organization made from interchangeable building blocks. According to Gartner, the idea of composable business operates on four basic principles: 

  • More speed through discovery
  • Greater agility through modularity
  • Better leadership through orchestration 
  • Resilience through autonomy

This type of thinking enables a business to survive, and even flourish, in times of great disruption.

How does composability fit with labeling and artwork management?

A composable business model is the key to digital transformation in all areas of business and is the future of labeling and artwork management. This model is intended to increase agility and accelerate application development by reusing existing assets and reassembling them in unique ways to satisfy specific user requirements. Today’s cloud-based labeling and artwork management solutions help companies manage speed, agility, and modularity so they can embrace this new composable business approach.

Collaborative design for true autonomy

When it comes to labeling and packaging artwork, companies deal with a range of content from logos and symbols to transactional, regulatory, and customer-specific content. This often involves multiple stakeholders that contribute to the design and updates of the complete label or artwork. In fact, according to our '2023 Top 5 Trends in Labeling and Packaging Artwork' survey, 76% of businesses have seen an increase in stakeholders involved in labeling functions. 

An automated and configurable cloud-based labeling and artwork management solution can offer control to varying stakeholder groups. This enables specific users to manage and modify a single part or component of a label in a templatized fashion — a cornerstone of composability — to enable true agility and improve speed to market.

Data-driven labeling to address digital orchestration

Constant changes in customer and regulatory demands increase the need for agility. This is illustrated in our 2023 research, which revealed that 93% of business owners believe it's important to have a business model that supports speed and agility in today's evolving business climate.

Without the ability to streamline label changes, companies are faced with missed delivery dates, hefty fines, lost revenues, and dissatisfied customers. However, a digital platform offering integration with multiple sources of truth — which is part of a composable business model — can help companies become more agile.

Greater visibility and discovery for content management

As the amount of content required for labeling and packaging artwork continues to increase significantly, companies worry about visibility and the management of vast amounts of variable content. They need to store, manage, and access all content from one common, centralized, and easily accessible location, allowing them to seamlessly track and secure any changes.

Content management is key to composable architecture, ensuring the right content elements necessary for labels and artwork are properly stored and maintained. Using an end-to-end cloud-based solution for labeling and packaging artwork allows companies to control all their content centrally to ensure compliance and enforce brand consistency.

Learn more about Loftware’s top trends for 2023

For more information about Loftware’s Top 5 Trends 2023, download the full report for free. Additionally, you can watch a recording of the ‘2023 Top 5 Trends in Labeling & Packaging Artwork’ webinar here.   

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