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April 26, 2022


LogiPharma 2022: Three Key Takeaways for Pharmaceutical Companies

by Nigel Winteringham

In addition to exhibiting at LogiPharma with my Loftware colleagues, I was delighted to host a roundtable discussion and deliver a presentation focusing on the benefits of centralizing and standardizing labeling. 

Read on for three of my key takeaways from our experience at the show: 

#1 Lessons learned from the COVID-19 vaccine roll-out. Vaccine supply chains are fast-changing, complex, and vitally important to society, and nowhere was this more evident than with COVID-19. While a great deal of attention has been given to streamlining supply chains – and ensuring vaccines reach healthcare providers and their patients around the world – one of the most critical components is also the most overlooked: the label. It’s time we give labels the recognition they deserve, as organizations of all sizes can benefit from taking a closer look at their own labeling practices and how modern technologies can improve their operations and supply chains. Learn more about the unique challenges vaccine supply chains face today and how pharmaceutical companies can overcome them in our blog.  

#2 How to deliver optimum cloud ERP migration to enable digital transformation. Pharmaceutical companies implement enterprise applications such as ERP to run their global businesses and optimize supply chain efficiency. However, most barcode labeling systems aren't flexible or efficient enough to manage global labeling requirements. Loftware offers Enterprise Labeling Solutions that seamlessly integrate with all your business applications to offer an unprecedented level of flexibility and power to create, manage, and print mission-critical barcode labels across your supply chain. In our e-book, ‘Enterprise Labeling for Dummies’, we spell out the essentials for Enterprise Labeling success and highlight labeling trends that are keeping pharmaceutical companies on their toes. 

#3 The drive towards a more sustainable pharmaceutical supply chain. Across all sectors, pharmaceuticals included, products are being designed with sustainability in mind, with many organizations under pressure from consumers and industry regulations to become more sustainable. Errors in labeling often result in the scrapping of otherwise sellable perishable goods, creating waste and impacting sales. Therefore, getting labels processed quickly, and right the first time, while minimizing resource usage has never been more important. So, how can companies achieve this? Adopting a centralized cloud-based labeling solution helps reduce the environmental impact and resource-heavy nature of traditional manual labeling. Far from a pipedream, sustainable label printing is now increasingly achievable and here to stay. 

To learn more about these talking points, download our ‘7 Key Challenges of Pharmaceutical Labeling’ whitepaper for free.