Quickly and Easily Address Multi-Lingual Copy Requirements

Loftware Smartflow provides a central phrase library to store common phrases and translations offering a single source for all of your packaging copy. This reusable library stores unlimited phrases and statements which can be translated to an unlimited number of languages. The Smartflow phrase library is integrated directly with Smartflow projects to help drive phrase selection, copy approval and translation management. With Smartflow you can edit, review and approve phrases at any time and configurable business rules allow you to control phrase selection with each product, reducing risk of error.

The phrase library enables you to track what’s already been completed so you can reduce re-translations and be confident that you’re accessing the most current version. You can find out where each phrase has been used and access full version and audit control information to ensure compliance. Additionally, the phrase library integrates with Smartflow’s Digital Asset Management and provides access to a common user interface for navigating through or searching for your content.

Controlled access gives a wide range of stakeholders, including local teams or third party translation agencies, the ability to edit and approve phrases as required. Smartflow lets you carry out a project even if a translation is not ready and then update phrases later, at any point during the artwork process. Such version management helps facilitate complex’ change upon change’ scenarios that streamline how you use phrases for your packaging artwork.

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Digitally Transform Your Artwork Management Process

As packaging artwork becomes more important to the product lifecycle, it is more important than ever to manage the process effectively. Delays in delivering accurate and approved packaging artwork have a huge impact on your time to market. A highly configurable and collaborative Artwork Management Solution will help boost your competitive position.

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