Online Proofing and Collaboration with all Stakeholders

Loftware Smartflow includes DaVinci, a market leading solution for artwork, web and video content review and approval. With Loftware DaVinci, proofing and collaboration is simple – you can view single or multi-page artworks from within your browser without needing any plugins. DaVinci is optimized to take high resolution artwork files and display them even over low bandwidth networks, regardless of their file size. eSignature capabilities enable you to ensure artwork approvals comply with FDA CFR 21 Part 11.

DaVinci’s online proofing allows you to access and annotate directly on a file without downloading it to your PC. You can view your artworks independently or as part of a workflow and toggle between versions to highlight differences while ensuring accuracy and consistency. Additionally, DaVinci empowers you to invite external parties to view, annotate and approve artworks and you can also configure checklists for different departments and responsibilities to streamline packaging approvals.

DaVinci includes graphics, color management and measurement capabilities to make sure your packaging is exactly as it should be. You can work with color separation to ensure you’re using the correct Pantone or CMYK colors while leveraging a variety of powerful capabilities including a densitometer as well as rotation and measurement tools. Additionally, pre-flight artwork functionality allows you to check resolution and provide measurements to examine minimum font sizes.

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Digitally Transform Your Artwork Management Process

As packaging artwork becomes more important to the product lifecycle, it is more important than ever to manage the process effectively. Delays in delivering accurate and approved packaging artwork have a huge impact on your time to market. A highly configurable and collaborative Artwork Management Solution will help boost your competitive position.

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