Advanced Insight into Packaging Artwork Workflow Processes

Loftware Smartflow brings a new level of insight into Artwork Management enabling you to be better informed and drive improvements in your workflow processes and throughout your product lifecycle. Smartflow’s Business Intelligence (BI) offers you advanced analytics and real-time reporting on vital information on projects, proofs, users and time to market, as well as cost and audit data. With configurable dashboards and pre-defined reports, Smartflow offers a graphical analysis tool that delivers unlimited insight. It offers you a wide range of flexibility, including the ability to drill down for more details or easily remove/add variables on a report, expand or reduce timeframes on a report.

Smartflow’s BI lets you monitor artwork cycles and track rejection reasons to achieve “right first time” artwork. You can examine lead times for internal and external parties and make appropriate adjustments to service level agreements. Also, Smartflow automatically keeps a permanent record of all approval points, statuses, dates and user actions associated with the critical path so you’ll have immediate access to information on the health of your project. You can even find out if a project is on time and on budget by checking your actuals against the cost center.

Smartflow uniquely provides personalized, configured, overview reports within your dashboard to meet your specific needs. This allows you to view higher levels across multiple projects and still have the option to drill down to detailed levels created from any data captured directly in the system. Also, reports and dashboards can include information from external data sources to present a single, critical view across disparate data sources. Reports created in Smartflow BI can be formatted as either single or multi-page reports, which can also be exported in industry standard formats such as PDF, CSV & Excel.

Additionally, you can gain real-time visibility into audit data with the flexibility to create custom audit reports, set up audit dashboards and run ad hoc reports. This is essential for validated environments, and regulatory requirements like 21 CFR part 11 compliance where administrators require real time access to a detailed and complete view of all user activity. Smartflow audit capabilities can capture and report on all user actions including who made what change and when.

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Digitally Transform Your Artwork Management Process

As packaging artwork becomes more important to the product lifecycle, it is more important than ever to manage the process effectively. Delays in delivering accurate and approved packaging artwork have a huge impact on your time to market. A highly configurable and collaborative Artwork Management Solution will help boost your competitive position.

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