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Empower users to create custom applications

When business users own the label design process, they can easily support last minute changes to labeling requirements without requiring IT support. With Spectrum, you can let business users design the browser-based applications they need, enabling you to reduce time and ensure accuracy in the labeling process.


Streamline label processes by configuring your own applications


Configure applications to support your business processes

With Spectrum, you can build wizard-like “applications” that guide your users and help automate labeling and non-labeling processes. You can copy or modify existing applications, or create new ones to manage custom processes.


Go mobile

You can run applications from any browser, on any device. So, users can access applications on multiple platforms, including mobile devices.  For example, you could set up an application to allow users on the factory floor to run or check the status of on-demand print jobs using a mobile device.


There’s no code to break

Because applications are created within Spectrum, you can upgrade without worrying about applications “breaking” and avoid the risk that exists with custom code.

Automate manual, paper-based processes

You can use the Application Architect to design applications that fit your way of working, your employees and your internal processes – without custom development. This gives you a more sustainable, self-sufficient labeling process that’s not dependent on IT for support and maintenance. Business users can design, maintain and update the applications as needed. And because they’re designed to fit your unique environment, the applications can help users work more efficiently and productively.  


Remove guesswork and errors

Spectrum’s Application Architect can also drive decisions based on your input. It then provides a “wizard-type” user interface that leverages Spectrum’s business rules and guides users down the appropriate path. This helps remove any guesswork and reduces the occurrence of labeling errors. Applications can be designed to lookup and display data needed for processing, whether the data is stored within the Spectrum or an external application/repository such as SAP or Oracle. Forms and applications can also be branded for a particular customer, or a customer’s vendor or partner.


Print-on-demand from any location

You can create browser-based applications for on-demand print requests on a variety of devices, including mobile devices. Users can then scan, enter or lookup the data needed to drive the label creation process. By using your applications together with Spectrum’s role-based security, administrators can ensure that only the right individuals have access to the correct set of labels or devices and are able to submit on-demand print requests, from any location.


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