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Products overview

Getting started with Loftware Cloud

This Loftware Cloud (previously known as NiceLabel Cloud) video series is designed to demonstrate Loftware Cloud’s ease of use and show first time users how to set up the solution. Additional Loftware Cloud How to video series will follow soon to demonstrate full capabilities of Loftware Cloud.

In this first Loftware Cloud getting started video series you’ll get familiar with how to activate your Loftware Cloud account, add different users, manage access roles and permissions, connect all modules of the software and print your first label.

Loftware Cloud Introduction video

See how Loftware Cloud can get your labeling done faster.

Activating Loftware Cloud

In this video you will learn about activating your Label Cloud account:

  • Finding your Label Cloud activation information
  • Singing in to your Label Cloud account after your successful activation
  • Signing in to Label Cloud as a guest user

Adding Loftware Cloud Users

In this video you will learn about how to add users to your Label Cloud account and:

  • Differences between Guest users (individual users) and Organizational users
  • Inviting Guests users to Label Cloud (and monitoring their progress
  • Accepting Label Cloud invitations as a Guest user

Managing Access roles and Permission

In this video we will learn about managing access roles and permission in your Label Cloud account:

  • Relationships between users, Access Roles and Permissions
  • Creating new Access Roles with Permissions
  • Assigning Access Roles to your users

Downloading and connecting all modules

Learn about downloading and connecting software and:

  • How different Label Cloud software helps you work
  • Keeping your software updated to the latest versions
  • Installing software and logging in with your credentials

Printing your first label

Print your first label from Label Cloud. In this video you will learn:

  • Storing and sharing your labels
  • Printing your first label from Label Cloud
  • Monitoring your printing progress