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401 Business Logic

Product code (SKU): TR-ILT-SP-401
Duration: 8 hours

Learn how to plan and build business rules to integrate Spectrum with other information systems.

You’ll modify and create business rules.

This session is recommended for:

  • Spectrum administrators
  • Business logic developers
  • Label programmers


Before you begin:

Learning goals

After the course, you will have the base knowledge necessary to start planning and implementing Spectrum business logic and processes. You will be able to understand and create new processes and be able to interpret business rules.

This includes:

  • Determining the need for a process
  • Designing processes
  • Constructing basic business rules
  • Basic Troubleshooting approaches and logging for Business Rules.


  • Spectrum's Core Printing Structure - Terminology and Overview
  • Implementing Processes
  • Planning Your Business Logic
  • Implementing Business Rules
  • Business Rule Configurator
  • Exercise - Building Business Rules
  • Cross-Reference Tables
  • Exercise - Creating Cross-Reference Tables