[Video] GHS Compliance Necessary To Improve Lab Safety

by Scott Vigneault, on August 25, 2016


Cutting-edge laboratories are responsible for some of the most impressive scientific and technological advances in recent years. But these buildings can be dangerous if lab workers don't take proper precautions. Heavy machinery, caustic chemicals and biological hazards are just some of the threats that lab workers must contend with regularly.

It's important for technicians to understand exactly what materials they are working with. That's where labeling regulations such as GHS can help, by forcing chemical makers to clearly mark their products with labels that accurately indicate hazards. Bright colors and universal symbols can prevent confusion in the lab.

There's a lot of data that goes into these labels, but the best way to avoid errors is to use an Enterprise Labeling Solution. Loftware can integrate your data sources to ensure accurate labeling and regulatory compliance.

For more on this topic check out our on-demand webinar on GHS labeling with Chandra Deeds Gioiello, MS, CIH, Industrial Health and Safety Consultants, Inc.